OUTLAST- a revolutionary horror game or a repetitive story? can you Outlast this review?

well if you’re tightly linked to the gaming community or if you follow YouTube gamers such as Pewdiepie or Markplier you’ll notice them making a lot of noise about an indie horror game developed and produced by red barrels studios. if you’re less ear to the ground over game releases  you’ll also know this game is penned for a PS4 release well in this review ill break the game into the 5 more important aspects of a game: game-play, graphics, storyline, character and overall aspects.


the game begins as your character drives towards the tall over bearing building in the middle of the night, with no guard manning the gate the character identified as Miles Upshurr, a journalist, to infiltrate the mount massive asylum with nothing but a video camera after several minutes of walking around the blood covered hallways a solitary dying soldier warns you to escape the asylum while you still can, can you survive the horrors of the mount massive asylum? can you navigate the darkness of the unlit hallways and dark rooms with just a video camera and its night vision? can you OUTLAST the horrors? can you OUTLAST the walrider?

well for a story line in which the main aspect of the game is run and hide it allows a more tactical aspect of the game, developing the story in ways no other genre could, putting you in real danger as you try to escape the mount massive asylum, can you trust father martin? what does he know about the chaos, all these questions are answered in-game (no spoilers :P) personally its a great story, really riveting with a plot twist in which leaves everything  open to conclusion.


the game itself isn’t exactly hard, with the main aim is to run hide or die. however ducking and jumping over objects are vital parts of the game, however the main item of the game is you trusty video camera, powered by batteries found throughout the game this tool allows you to zoom in on areas as well as its night vision (which uses the batteries, while normal filming doesnt. go figure?) to give an advantage over your surroundings. for bonuses film just about everything for sarcastic one liners scrawled onto notes by the main character.

aspects of the game are played on massively during the game, whenever the character is spotted/ chased by the creatures of the asylum the screen becomes darker and the character begins heavy breathing with more dramatic tense music as the creature searches, alluding the creature by hiding in the crevices and holes throughout the map is the best aspect for survival to add suspense to the game you can see the monster walking around the map opening and looking into crevices around you. which tbh scares the shit and can make even the hardened gamer even a slightly bit scared.


for an indie game the graphics are immense, they don’t even look like an indie game, everything from movement animations and flame graphics make the game so close to reality it can hurt, the movement animations can make you feel like your literally the main character wondering the halls pulling yourself into vents and climbing ladders, looking so smooth that you generally feel you’re climbing it, with materials and hands touching.  


the characters are quiet well-built up upon, the main character is a Gordon freeman Half-Life 1 like character, in which he never talks, he only listens and during which he does as he’s told. the father martin character is built up upon as a trail maker, quoting religious passages as he makes the player walk through hell itself to see the true horror of the asylum. a bit of a twat in my own opinion but a character who added so much more to the game than any level can.


the game itself is amazing, the game is just so perfect for a horror game, it has blood, it has gore, it has mystery, it has jump scares, and a great story in a genre that needs it, the game should be up for game of the year, and its no surprise this game will be a PS4 release and its no surprise YouTube gamers are going crazy over it, god sake people buy this game now steam! here’s the trailer for it:


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