My First What a Review: WWE Money in the Bank 2013

Hey, I’m Nathan as you’ve probably have guessed by my good friend Tom that this will be my first review, I thought I’d do something different and head off into a ‘Sports Entertainment’ aspect, it might not be every bodies cup of tea but alas I’ll give it a go. Of course I’ll remind everyone that the WWE features only scripted wrestling bouts in no malicious bodily harm occurs

Today on the 15th July at 1AM one of the most anticipated events in the WWE calendar aired live on TV, The Money in the Bank PPV kicked off with the start of the WHC (World Heavyweight Championship) contract match, for those unfamiliar with how The Money in the Bank matches work a briefcase is suspended metres above the ring, 7 competitors take to the ring in which they use ladders to beat each other and then climb to reach the briefcase, the first person to climb a ladder and take the briefcase off the rung will win the watch and a contract for the title their match was the contract match for any time they want.


World Heavyweight Championship MITB match

The match started off with Dean Ambrose, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Fandango, Wade Barratt Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro all fighting to get that contract to use when they desire, the match started out with the Rhodes Scholars (Sandow and Rhodes) and the Real Americans (Swagger and Cesaro) teaming together to beat Fandango and Ambrose, after several minutes of the Real Americans dominating the match with the use of ladders, Barratt takes a rung of a ladder and starts to ‘beat’ Sandow with it. after over 15 minutes of constant back and forth between the 7 competitors the Shield (Ambrose’s team mates) interfered in the match trying to clear the ring to allow Ambrose to get to the briefcase, however the 4 wrestlers and the Uso’s (the tag team feuding with the Shield) cleared them out of the ring, leaving Rhodes Scholars to go after the contract, with Rhodes about to win the contract his team-mate Sandow pulled Rhodes down to take the contract for himself and win.

Winner: Damien Sandow. His victory and betrayal over his team-mate Cody Rhodes makes thing unclear about how and in which direction things will go for him. I honestly expected Ambrose to win this with the help of the Shield, I was pleasantly surprised with how the match ended, very unpredictable, and a very good entertaining match.


Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel (c) W/ Paul Heyman vs The Miz

This match is one of the lesser matches on the card, however Paul Heyman accompanying the IC champion to the ring was soon dismissed after while the ref was distracted The Miz acted like he was struck in the face by Heyman resulting in the ref once he became aware of Miz clutching his jaw, dismissed Heyman back stage, however even with this small problem Curtis won after using his new unnamed finisher to take the win!

Winner: Curtis Axel. a clever plan to get Heyman sent backstage but in the end the match in my opinion was dull and predictable, with the dismissal of Heyman being the only talking point. Image

Diva’s Championship: AJ Lee W/ Big E Langston (c) vs Kaitlyn

The match was relatively short but was jam-packed with impressive chemistry, with Kaitlyn hitting AJ Lee with a back breaker and a spear before the current Diva’s champion won after getting Kaitlyn in her Black Widow submission move.

Winner: AJ Lee. this match was really enjoyable and at times looked like it would get a lot more time then I thought it would.


Ryback vs Chris Jericho

Sheer power vs experience, brain vs brawn, a typical small man-big man match, with Ryback looking like he takes steroids like most 5 year olds eat tic-tacs, the match began with some back and forth momentum, with Jericho finally getting the upper hand, with ryback using his sheer power to kick out of the Walls of Jericho and his arm power to catch Chris mid-Codebreaker, in the end Ryback rolled Chris jericho up for the 3 count after a Lionsault didn’t land

Winner: Ryback- the match was entertaining, and I was impressed with how well Ryback (not exactly known for his amazing in ring ability and his acting abilities) did, I felt Chris Jericho carried him (made Ryback look good) well through out the match, highlight of the match for me has to have been how Jericho countered Rybacks finisher (shellshock) into a DDT


World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler gets a massive pop as his entrance music hits, the second the music hits the room the ‘show-off’ hits the ring, after an intense 15 min bout in which saw some great wrestling from both Del RIo and Ziggler, the match was interupted by Zigglers Girlfriend AJ Lee, distracting Ziggler on numerous occasions and then causing the match to be a disqualification after she hit Del Rio with her belt. the commentators were complaining of a lack of a decent clean finish to the match and i have to agree, that match deserved a better ending or any other ending, the consequences this would have on AJ and Dolphs tv relationship could be massive depending on how WWE use it.

Winner: Del Rio via DQ, a great match which was very well worked, Ziggler I thought would have won the match the way it was going, I didn’t expect AJ to turn up at all

. Image

WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs Mark Henry

This match has had alot of build up to it, with the worlds strongest man Mark Henry against the face of the company John Cena, now I’m not a massive fan of Cena, just for the fact he annoys me, everything he says and does just looks the same, he overcomes odds every time and has been a good guy for some time now, i just think he needs to change, however with how high WWE rates Cena it’ll be hard to believe any chance of Henry to win. The match was basically broken down into 3 stages, in which Cena overcame an overwhelming man, his first obstacle was if he could lift Henry, as every time he tried he collasped, and this time he did again, the second obstacle was when he had succeeded in lifting Henry and AA’ed him, however the third challenge came with actually beating Mark Henry. in which he duely did through the STF, causing Mark Henry to tap,

Winner: John Cena via tap out, the match was predictable from the start for me, but part of me hoped that Henry would win, his long career he has won practially every belt but the biggest one in the business and he deserves it more than John Cena does,


WWE Championship Money in the Bank Contract match

The last match of the evening was known as the all-star match, its calibre of stars all of which are world champion winning wrestlers, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Christian. the late removal of Kane 2 nights before prompted questions over whether or not a last-minute entry would occur, this match could easily be the most exciting one on paper, when RVD walked out onto the stage, the crowd went mad for the returning wrestler, a wrestler loved by most fans. second that the ring bell sounded all 5 other wrestlers all turned on RVD beating him down and kicking him out the ring, after several minutes of bodies being thrown onto ladders and every attempt of grapping the briefcase leading to failure, Curtis Axel came out of back stage and preceeded to ram Daniel Bryan’s face into the ground with his finisher before CM Punk hit Axel with the go to sleep, as the only man left walking, Punk started to climb on the ladder, when his dear old friend and Axel’s manager Paul Heyman came out and first helped CM Punk onto the ladder, then started to use another ladder to beat CM Punk causing him to collapse on the floor out of shock and pain, this led to an amazing RKO from Randy Orton as RVD tried to scale the ladder, leaving Randy as the only man left to have grabbed the contract and win.

winner: Randy Orton, a great match overall asking several questions for RAW, what’s happening with Kane, what will happen to Randy Orton, will his character change? or will he stay this way, and more importantly when will the Viper cash in his contract to steal the WWE contract and what will occur between CM Punk and Paul Heyman now the former best friends have turned on each other.



a very entertaining pay per view, the only match I didn’t enjoy was the Henry vs Cena match, in which the entire match was boring and predictable, both the Money in the Bank matches were amazing and I highly enjoyed them both, with both winners surprising me, I honestly believed that Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan would win due to the momentum both had going into the match, the IC match was a good match to watch with both wrestlers showing great skill and a very good twist, I was disappointed there was no clean end to the WHC matchas the wrestling was amazing between them both with Ziggler putting on an amazing performance and a great show.

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