World War Z. Z For Zombie?

I actually watched this film nearly 2 weeks ago but I have been really busy with work placement and interviews to type it up, sorry.


I just want to mention before I start this review, I have not read the book so my review will be and is only based on the movie, so no abuse on how it is rubbish as it is not based on the book please.

“Most Likely Got Spoilers”

What can I say about this film? I can say I had mixed feelings about it, at times I enjoyed it and at times I did not enjoy it. At points it got to the moment when I felt I was going to fall to sleep (that might be because I was watching it late at the cinema, I am normally in bed watching TV at that point).

As I had mixed emotions about this film I will do this as a “Pros and Cons” post, I will try to do a summary at the end.


  • Zombies was not thrown at you left, right and centre.
  • Pfizer’s was in it (I live near their)
  • The action started pretty much straight away
  • The unique way to ‘battle’ the zombies


  • The 3D was not very ‘in your face’.
  • I felt like it was going to send me to sleep at times.
  • I could see an effect mistake.
    • Watch the car after its wing mirror is smashed and then it drives off (near the beginning of the film)


  • There wasn’t much back story on how the zombies started, like most zombie films.


So I don’t know if this post is better to you, the reader, or if you just prefer the paragraphs. I might try this style a bit more often, do not worry, it will literally be like once every handful of posts.


World War Z poster


Overall I did enjoy this film, even if it does have nothing to do with the book (so I’ve been told), I will one day read the book, or I could get Hannah to!

It had just enough action, not to much, not to little, it has Brad Pitt and I do enjoy some of his films (Mr and Mrs Smith!) but at the same time I am not usually one to notice mistakes and if I’ve noticed one it has to be pretty prominent, so I am a bit annoyed at that, but there is no point crying over spilt milk. I do think if you like zombie films this is one you should watch eventually, I am not saying “RUN! RUN TO THE CINEMA AND WATCH IT NOW!”



One last thing

The trailer located just below this paragraph has absolutely nothing to do with ‘World War Z’ but it is a trailer for the newest film in my set of favourite films ‘Chucky’, this trailer is a bit disappointing as Chucky is clearly no longer an animatronic doll but is CGI which makes him look different.

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