Let us venture into ‘Zom-B City’

At first I was not as impressed with Zom-B city as I was with Zom-B or Zom-B Underground but it managed to sway my vote by the end, well between 25% and 50% of the book.

This book didn’t have as much action as I thought have, supposing it is based in the city of London that is over run with zombies. I still did enjoy the book, I am just hoping that Darren Shan makes the next one interest me a bit more, I am sure he will.


Plot Line

The plot of Zom-B City is that Becky Smith (B-Smith) has managed to get out of the holding cell and has made it back up to the surface and is not trying to survive. It is deserted in London but that does not stop B, if anything it makes her life easier. Her first stop is to get new clothing to stop the sun distressing her body as much, then she decides she is going to go home, to find if her parents are still there or if they have been turned, neither of her questions are answered as her parents are not at home, meaning they could be dead or alive.

Whilst at home she hears a radio broadcast, as it is the only technological device still working in her house, that mentions the army will be in London soon to pick up survivors. B knows she will be shot at but still decides to go to the pick up point only to give her self up and let the army and the many scientists experiment on her, try to find a cure because she is different to other zombies.

What will happen to B? To find out pick up the book and read it. Make sure you have read Zom-B and Zom-B Underground first (in that order).

Zom-B City


One Last Thing

One last thing before I go, my dear friend is raising money for a charity called PAPYRUS, it is a charity that helps to try to stop the prevention of young suicide, I am only asking that you would donate a little, but she is an amazing girl helping an amazing charity and you never know if and when you’ll know a young person that may be in the situation of contemplating suicide, so let’s try and banish it for ever. If you would like to know more about the charity then visit the link at the bottom of this paragraph. To donate please visit this link:



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