‘The Watch’ Is A Very Different Watch……

The reason I feel this film is “a very different watch” is not because it is about aliens but because the aliens weak spots is their man hood, that I did not expect until I found out Seth Rogen was one of the writers.

I also like the fact that the tag line, “Got Protection?” is basically a big give away on the majority of the film, without you knowing it.


Now to the proper review, I liked this film because I like comedy films and I like alien films and this (having Seth Rogen as a writer) ties both of them in together, it is also very sexual orientated a lot of the jokes revolve around the subject of sex, and as Jamarcus (Richard Ayoade) says “getting ones balls sucked” this is brought up a lot, specifically about an Asian lady.


This film is good if you feel you need a laugh, it is not Ben Stillers best work but is still worth the watch.


The Watch


Another point I like to make that made me like this film even more is Richard Ayoade, his smart but comedic sense is amazing, I am even planning to watch the IT Crowd just for him.


I do have to admit at points this film did seem very cheesy, but somehow just the right amount to pull it off, not too much to make you say “why am I watching this?” I am pretty sure I was laughing most of the way through the only bit I didn’t like was a lot of the time it was to predictable, I worked everything out pretty much straight away which meant I guessed what was going to happen about thirty minutes before it happened.

Sorry about the short review there is not much I can think of for The Watch baring in mind it was a couple of days ago that I saw it but the review is late because of my lack of internet.


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