I ‘Dredd’ To Think of A Sequel…

No…just no.

This film just wasted 90 minutes of my life! I want to know how it got a 7.2 IMDb rating and 77% from Rotten Tomatoes, I just kept seeing faults with it and the story line didn’t fit the character as well as I thought it could…


My first problem was with Judge Dredd’s (Karl Urban) voice, one minute you can tell he is putting on a horribly fake voice then the next minute it is a normal voice, I also didn’t like the fact he was faking a frown majority of the way through the film, I mean who in their right mind stands there frowning 24/7? No one that is who!

Then when they  introduced Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) to Judge Dredd, first thing I noticed was her ridiculous brown eyebrows, thick and bushy, sticking out supposing she had a blonde wig, the costume department must not of cared! If you are going to make her wear a wig at least dye her eyebrows or trim them down so they don’t stand out like that!

The other bit I have to rant about is the blood, now I know it is fake blood but during the shooting scenes could the blood look any faker? It seemed so watered down.


The story line, now I didn’t want to talk about this but it is so bad supposing it is meant to be set in the future you think they could play on that a bit more and make it into something else instead of a drug bust, “oh wow you found a drug that slows down time, good for you”

There is one scene (again I didn’t like) that tends to happen in all films with guns, the bad guys are shooting at the good guy and miss every single shot, now in this film I thought it would be different supposing they are using 3 heavy machine guns, you know the ones you have to let spin a bit first, aiming straight at the judge who has no protection rather than just running, but no every shot misses him and instead hits the civilians running around.

Sorry for the negative review but I really disliked this film and don’t particularly want to see a sequel…



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4 thoughts on “I ‘Dredd’ To Think of A Sequel…

  1. Any reviewer worth their salt would at least glance at the source material of a comic book film they obviously know nothing about.

    Just a quick run down of what I thinks wrong with this disappointing review:

    1. Judge Dredd always frowns, it’s that way in the comics.

    2. Your sole comment on one of the strongest female characters in years (of which this film has two) is her eyebrows. When was the last time a female character come to the rescue of the male star in a serious action film?

    3. The blood is supposed to be fake in the slo-mo scenes because your seeing it through the eyes of people on a drug that making them trip. Also, comic book violence.

    4. The budget meant they had to be constrained in the setting, if you’d done your homework you’d know this. You’d also be aware of the scope of the world and potential for sequels set in it.

    5. The “hero” not getting shot is a criticism of practically all action films, except Dredd does get shot. Did you watch this the whole way through?

    Sorry for the negative review of your review, I really disliked it and hope not to read any more.

    • I know it sounds weird, but I am glad you disliked my review, not because I have a sudden dislike for you or anything but its good to show some people either love it or hate it.
      I do have to admit I have only ever read 2 Judge Dredd comics, but films are meant to be based on the comics not following them step by step.
      I know I should have realised Anderson played more of a role than I acknowledged, but once I am focused on a bad review that is it my mind is gone.
      I didn’t do “my homework” on this film as I don’t do with any film, I prefer to watch it without having to read anything about the film because I feel it ruins it, even something so little like searching up budgeting if I did that I would of looked at the film and said “Yeah I am not even going to give this a chance” so be glad I gave it a chance!
      And yes I did watch it all the way through so I did notice he got shot with an armour piercing bullet through a wall <—(Just proving I saw it) but I wasn't referring to that bit, i was referring to how he managed to out run 3 massive heavy machine guns.

      Again I thank you for your negative feedback but would love it if you would give my other reviews a chance.

  2. It was rubbish.

    “I want to know how it got a 7.2 IMDb rating”. It’s the IMDB Bounce that happens where all new films are popular and all the fanboys (and fangirls) give it stupidly over the top ratings. They eventually come down it time, but it makes IMDB practically useles for new releases.

    If I recasll correctly, it actually had a much higher rating a couple of months ago, around the 7.8 mark or so.

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