Text Message Only Please

“The clock is ticking!”

At first I was a bit iffy about how this book was going to come out as I was asked to review by a man starting out in the writing industry, he is already a designer, check his stuff out (joejose.com)!

Now this book is actually really amazing, it is only on chapter 4 at the moment (which is upsetting as I want to read the rest), what I really like about it is how unique it is, the style is a SMS transcript and the story itself follows an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire named David Pilkington who is being watched and harassed by an unknown person (who I shall call Mr. Unknown), who is threatening to cut Davids, drivers thumbs and fingers off and eventually burn down his house if David doesn’t follow his simple game of guessing  Mr. Unknowns name, he has only given 2 clues (so far), his name begins with the letter “C” and the letter “I”

What I do love about this story is the SMS transcript, it is unique and amazing, it makes me want to read more! The story line is also brilliant making me wonder who is Mr. Unknown, I was constantly thinking to myself all different names that began with C, I felt I was David sending the messages getting worried for poor Ben and my well-being, and if I would make it to the wedding that David is best man at!

As I really enjoyed it I have posted the link (below) to the first 4 chapters and will ask all my readers to read this and give Joe (the writer) or myself (I will pass on to Joe) what they think of his book.


Text Message Only Please

As I always end my posts….

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