Hitman Absolution – Killing them softly (and loudly and bloody)

How many lives will you take to save one? 

A lot apparently…..

Absolution 2

So Hitman Absolution is a brilliant game but it has changed to Hitman Blood Money, in Blood Money you are in 1 area trying to kill 1, 2 maybe 3 people but in Absolution you are in multiple areas trying to kill 1, 2 and very rarely 3 people.

Absolution has also added a couple of new features like challenges, these challenges are different (to certain extent) for each level there is usually a couple that stay the same for example completing the level without changing costume, and collecting all the ‘evidence’. These are added to make the game more challenging because you need to complete these challenges to unlock more techniques, but these so-called “techniques” only unlock things like faster reloading and quicker melee throws.

IO Interactive have also added “instinct”  into this Hitman, it allows you to see through walls (if you are close enough), blend in with others if you are wearing the same outfit as them, it also gives a little fire trail for some NPCs telling you where they are about to walk to so you can determine the best method, may it be waiting and hide, kill them, or escape unseen.

Absolution 1

This hasn’t been my favourite Hitman game, that was Blood Money, so I am only ever so slightly disappointed I waited 6 years to play this!

I haven’t completed it yet I am about 2 levels away but I am getting frustrated. Also if anyone who reads this post has Absolution on PlayStation 3 send me a Private Message as I need to play a friends contract in order to get a trophy.


The only slight upside about Absolution that I have to say is it actually has a story line, in Blood Money there wasn’t really a story line only a cut-scene that made it seem as if there was a story line!


Underneath this last line is a little surprise I found for all you Hitman fans, recognise it?

Absolution 3


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