Hello World (my first post re-worked)

So I am trying to help my friend start a blog and I noticed I never really introduced myself.

I mean who is this mysterious man (as you lot found out in a previous post), so as you guessed I am a guy, I am not going into “full” detail about my life only a brief explanation.

So who is this guy? What does he do?

So who is this guy I hear none of you asking. Well my name is Thomas Lee I am a young person (not saying age), I am currently looking for a job, anything will do (well to a certain extent).

I am not married or at least I hope not I am only young!  There is one girl I do “like” but she lives away now.

I have a social life (occasionally) but I am also known as a nerd/geek because I like to spend a lot of time playing games or on my computer.

I don’t know how I got the status as nerd/geek though as I didn’t do exceptionally well I school I did average.

Would you like to see a picture? Scrap that as camera-shy as I am here it goes. (No laughing, promise me!)

I do still sadly live with my parents and with have a dog, an annoying little Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Why I started this blog.

I originally started this blog because I was asked to as a school project by my teacher I was against it at first thinking “how will this benefit me?”

Then after about 3 posts I said to myself “Oh I could get use to this!” and now look I am on about my 53rd post and still going.

What I enjoy doing

In my spare time I enjoy seeing my friends, playing games and messing about on Photoshop.

At the moment my favourite game is Borderlands 2 and I am looking forward to 2 games coming out in November; Hitman Absolution and Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 (only for the zombies!). I play all of these on PS3 so if you want to add me you can I am kidwazzup just give me a hint on where you found me from.

So one of the little projects I did on Photoshop was of my amazing friend, she asked me to turn her into a smurf.

Don’t judge me with this picture as I did rush it as it was a second one that I needed to do within a 30 minute time period.

The girl in the picture also has a WordPress account her blog is full of inspirational pictures so if you are having a down day, or just want to check it out be sure to it is thepositivetree.wordpress.com 

Now that is about all I need to say so…

Thank you for reading and happy blog post and reading also don’t forget to like the “What a review!” Facebook page and follow the Twitter page (links below).

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Whatareview

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