Resident Evil: Retribution

So recently I have watched all 5 Resident Evil films with 2 of my mates, we started off by re-watching Resident Evil 1 through to 4 and then went to the VUE cinema yesterday to watch the newest one, Resident Evil: Retribution.

I feel out of all the Resident Evil films it was the most action packed one but it wasn’t the best. Of course none of the scenes will ever top the laser grid from Resident Evil 1 (bottom)

This film starts of showing the end of Resident Evil 4 when the massacre on the boat Arcadia is happening but it is reversing through end to start, after that short scene it goes into a mind f**k of a scene where Alice (Milla Jovoich) is a suburban house wife, with a partially deaf daughter and a loving husband, of course it’s not as it all seems.

I will try to refrain on what I say during this post but hey, if you’re reading one of my blog posts expect small spoilers.

This film is about Alice escaping from another Umbrella Corporation test centre in the midst of Russia. Trying to escape whilst the Red Queen (played by, Megan Charpentier/voiced by, Ave Merson-O’Brian) is trying to kill Alice (again), so it is a lot like the first one but in a new place, it even has a laser grid in it!

I had many favorite scenes but the best fight scene was between Alice and Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) right towards the end!

I wasn’t disappointed with any parts of the film except for the 3D, not much of it was in 3D the most memorable scene was during the Alice, Jill fight scene when Alice chucks her ice pick and it comes flying towards you.

This film brings back the friendly bunny rabbit, and the Axe men (AKA Executioner), and the usual infected.

Like I said before I don’t want to say much so I don’t ruin the whole film. I do suggest to go see it but be warned it may not be up to your standards, or just don’t set your hopes to high.

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