One hardcore ‘Gamer’

The film Gamer has been out since 2009 and I have only just got round to watching it.

This is a good film because it’s the first film to be based on what game playing could be like in the future, where you are literally put into the game itself.

It is set in the near future and shows convicts are injected with some toxin which starts taking over brain cells to make them controllable by other users. The deal is if the controller can win 30 matches then the convict will be set free, but not many convicts make it far except for one known as Kable (Gerard Butler) controlled by a talented young teenage known as Simon (Logan Lerman).

The game is invented by a man named Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall) who is actually not as ‘sane’ as he seems. (I’m not going to say much about Ken Castle so you can find out about yourself)

It is set in a Call Of Duty type environment where the characters run around with machine guns, that they can upgrade, shooting a killing other convicts and NPC (Non-Playable Characters).

I won’t say anymore about the film so you can watch it for yourself if you haven’t already.


This hasn’t been my best of posts but that is because the story line is pretty straight forward and I don’t want to ruin any of it for you, my fellow readers.


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