I’ve never had a ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’

So before I start I would like to point out this is a review of the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street that was released in 2010.


I have always wanted to watch this film as I am really into horror films and it has intrigued me, but I am think I may give the 1984 copy a go as no offence to the director but this film wasn’t very good there were a lot of faults I could point out with it.

The acting of Freddy Kruger himself was terrible, again no offence to the actor Jackie Earle Haley, but Freddy did not look like a burnt man he looked like an alien from outer-space wearing striped clothing, he sounded terrible as well like he was always shouting you could just tell that it wasn’t his real voice.


Another point is one of the female characters, Kris Fowles (played by Katie Cassidy) spent majority of her time alive, sleeping. Surely if you thought someone was trying to kill you in your sleep you would just try your hardest to stay awake. In fact all the characters who were trying not to be killed by Freddy slept an awful lot except for Quentin, he stayed awake as much as possible.


Now the back story was the most disappointing part of the film, if you are going to remake a film at least get the back story right. Everyone knows Freddy died in a house fire caused by the parents after they found out the “friendly school gardener” was actually a pedophile.

But no they decided the back story actually involves Freddy running away from them whilst they are in cars, somehow being faster than the cars all the way, and then hiding in an abandoned warehouse where the parents chuck a Molotov cocktail into this building and Freddy stands there.


This film is very disappointing and not something I will watch again, I might watch the 1984 version to see if it is any better.



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