“I shall name you ‘Ted’!”

So I went with my brother to see Ted today, as I was trying to keep myself occupied before my 18th birthday tomorrow.

We were going to originally see Dark Knight Rises, but decided instead to see Ted, it was hilarious, made me think a lot about Family Guy, mainly because Ted himself sounds an awful lot like Peter Griffin. That and both Mila Kunis and Patrick Warburton was in the film and in Family Guy Mila plays Meg Griffin and Patrick plays Joe Swanson.

The film Ted is Seth Macfarlane first motion picture and is about John Bennet (Mark Wahlberg) when he was 8 wishing for his Teddy Bear, known as Ted (Seth MacFarlane), to come alive and be his best friend forever. He happened to do this on the same night a shooting star went above his house and the wish came true.

27 years later, when John is 35 and settling down with Lori Collins (Mila Kunis), Ted is still around. Lounging about on Johns couch smoking weed, drinking beer and just being a bum.

As John keeps blowing off Lori for Ted she demands he must go, so John helps Ted get his life on track, get a job and settle down. At this point it all spirals down hill.

Want to know how it does? Then watch the film. I do not want to ruin anymore for you. I do recommend it as a must watch it is a very comical film and is worth the money.


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