Marlowe Academy Award Evening ’12

This post isn’t a review it is just a personal story about the Marlowe Academy (which I use to attend) award evening last night.

I will follow-up this post with an actual review next about Chronicle


The main reason about this post is to say congratulations to all my friends that won something, they ranged from amazing awards like “Highest achieving AS level student”, down to the award I won “Highest Attendance in Key Stage 5”

It was a brilliant night and highly amusing when something went wrong like students saying they wasn’t going to be there, then they showed up. Live music and champagne was provided by the academy itself, the music was from students of the academy.
The awards won by my friends and I were…
Information Communication Technology (Key Stage 5) – Dmitriy Mironov
Business (Key Stage 5) – Joshua Morley-Stone
Law, Sociology and Highest Achieving AS Student (All Key Stage 5) – James Rankin
Outstanding Contribution to the Community – Chelsie Brady
Highest Attendance (Key Stage 5) – Thomas Lee (Me)
Science and Health and Social Care (Both Key Stage 5) – Samantha Holland
So congratulations to all of you on this list!

This is the look of the trophy handed to the winners and the tickets that were sent to the families.


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