Snow White and the Huntsman

So about a week ago my friend decided she wanted to go to the cinema, I didn’t know what we was watching, so I didn’t have any expectations of the film.

When I finally found out what it was going to be I still wasn’t too sure on what to expect.

Whilst watching Snow White and the Huntsman I didn’t really get sucked in, the acting was good, but the story line confused me. One minute the huntsmen is attacking Snow White, the next he is helping her, then he is leaving her for no reason, then he is helping her again. I mean come on, whats with all the mixed emotions?

This film is okay, not something I would suggest to watch, but of course everyone has their own opinion and this is just mine.

Of course being based on a children book it is set in a fantasy land with fairies, dwarfs, and trolls.


In all honesty the film bored me and I felt as if I was going to go to sleep but I managed to keep my eyes open till the end and didn’t end up something like this (except for a guy instead of Snow White)…


Thank you for reading my blog and happy blog reading and posting!


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