Avengers Assemble (Main review)

Amazing! Extraordinary! Out of this world! Perfect! A must watch!

I think you get the picture of how much I enjoyed this film, I couldn’t paint anymore of a picture I don’t think.

Okay so my last post says about how the posts following it would be about my work, I forgot to add in that the first following post was going to be about The Avengers (Avengers Assemble).

I finally got round to seeing it with 2 of my friends and the film was absolutely amazing! If you was watching a fight scene, you was laughing and vice versa. There is not much I can say in this post as I wrote a previous post about the film before it even came out. One main thing I do definitely  have to say is get your backsides down to the cinema now and watch it! The film is a must watch and I reckon it will quite easily be like the film of 2012. Everyone must watch it, not just superhero fans (like me), but everyone I promise you that you will absolutely love it!

That is about all I can say about this film. Thank you for reading my post. Happy blog writing and reading! Also like I said get down the cinema now! Quickly! Run!


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