Paranormal Activity 3

Okay here you go, my first bad post ever! (I think)

This post is about the film Paranormal Activity 3 as the title clearly says.

2 reasons I watched this film, 1 was because I was informed by my girlfriend how good it is and the other reason is that I have seen the first 2 films and liked them.


In all fairness I was having mixed reactions from family and friends about this film, my mum said to me “Why? Its absolutely crap!” whereas my girlfriend said “Yeah you should watch it, its a good film”.

So me being me thought I’ll follow my girlfriends lead and actually watch it. I am glad I watched it just so I can say I have seen it. But I was extremely disappointed  in the story line, I knew Paranormal Activity 2 was a prequel of Paranormal Activity 1 and that Paranormal Activity 3 was a prequel of Paranormal Activity 2 and 1 but I was hoping as its showing how it all started that it would be the scariest.

I know its not much of a post today but when I watched it was about a week ago and I have gathered writers block and forgotten everything I was going to mention. Sorry about the very bad post

I am not going to say “Don’t watch this film” unless you haven’t seen number 1 and 2 otherwise you will not really understand much.

In my opinion number 2 has to of been the best.





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