My Name Is Earl

Okay I have been trying to hold this back to not over spam my blog with too many posts in one month but I can’t wait till next month to post this as I may forget. So because of that reason I am going to keep this short and sweet!

I recently finished watching season 1 to 4 of My Name Is Earl.
I really really really enjoy the show but was disappointed at the ending only because I knew I wouldn’t get to see the follow on episode.

All the back stories were amazing as well. Finding out that the very smart Darnell was secretly a former assassin of a secret government agency to end up betraying his dad and having to go into the witness protection program. Joys secret crush on Randy many many years ago before she knew him as an ignorant idiot, mentally special man he is now.

All the episodes intrigued me and made me wonder “How will Earl fix this problem?” but when I got to the end of season 4 thinking, “Right he will finish the list now” to find he is a very long way away from finishing the list! The show was cancelled! Meaning the list was never finished and Darnell doesn’t know if Dodge is his son or not!

I do hope they make another series as it was a really good show. I recommend everyone to watch it!

Thanks for reading and happy blog posting and reading!


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