GEEK 2012 The Day.

So today was my day for GEEK2012 at Margate Winter Gardens. It wasn’t just based in Margate Winter Gardens their were other things taking place in odd stores around Margate as for the past week that has been known as the ‘Fringe’. I myself didn’t attend anything in the other places I just stuck to the main event itself. Whilst there not only did I compete in a Soul Calibur V competition, I lost because of a button basher (cheater!), but I also competed in a 256+ tournament for Pong which meant we broke the world record for “Largest Tournament of Pong – the oldest commercial video game.” Which was pretty awesome! The day was just spend walking around talking to people making friends and playing games as it shows games dating all the way back to 1972 (Pong) to the games that came out in 2012 (Soul Calibur V) sadly there wasn’t a tournament going on today for PacMan because I was owning at that!

They are planning on coming back next year. Of course no promises as of yet but they are about 99% positive they will!

Congratulations to those of you that did win the tournaments and won free games and t-shirts.

I will definitely going back next year, except I will go with my brother (if he isn’t working)

As you can see in the above pictures the man behind the posts has finally been revealed.  (I am the one with long hair playing PacMan)

Thank you for reading, happy blogging and blog reading!


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