Quick post

This post is just a simple post that I am making quickly to try the WordPress application on my phone so don’t expect anything special.

As its quick and I am not to sure what to post about because I normally write it in my head if I am watching a film or playing a game. Greg Davies! Yes that will be the person I will quick post about.

I recently saw Greg Davies DVD “Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog” it is not only hilarious from his behalf but funny with some of the things the crowd say when interacting with him, the best sketch in the whole DVD has to be the one about childhood nicknames. I reckon if you see this DVD in the stores pick it up and at least have a look at the back of the box.

Also just quickly has anyone in England also been severely attacked by snow? I live down in the South East and we had a lot of snow which annoying cause me to fall over so much that I have a swollen knee.


I plan to attempt more quick posts most probably mostly about comedy gigs.
Thanks for reading and happy blogging and blog reading.


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