127 Hours (The Movie)

127 Hours, exciting, exhilarating, amazing and these are only a few ways to describe 127 Hours.

127 Hours is a film made into a true story about a young man named Aron Ralston (played in 127 Hours by James Franco) who was out canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah. When all of a sudden a boulder came lose and trapped his arm next to the side of the mountain, way down far where he can’t be found.


Whilst down in the canyon Aron makes a video every day documenting his experience and telling his family how much he loves them, whilst trying to fight off dehydration.

During his time being stuck Aron has a premonition of him being married with a wonderful wife and young child, he also sees all his family and friends who gather on a couch just watching him.

On the edge of dehydration and near to death Aron decides on the only way out…to cut his arm off, he physically snaps the bone which you hear the crunch and snap then he uses a cheap pen knife to cut away at his arm, the tendons and the muscle until he is free and manages to climb back out, struggling to walk back he stumbles across a family who are hiking and he manages to stumble upon his last breath to call them, they turn around come rushing towards him and give him their full bottle of water, they also gain attention of people in a helicopter who fly down and take Aron away.

As I said at the beginning 127 Hours is an amazing film and I recommend it to EVERYONE if I was rating films 5 out of 5 definitely.

Also that premonition I briefly said about happened, the real Aron Ralston did meet the girl in his premonition and had a wonderful baby a few years later. Now Aron is back to climbing with attachments for his prosthetic arm to allow him to do it.


Thank you for reading and like I said watch the film please it is truly amazing out of this world. I don’t really like “based on real event” films but this one was amazing and at points brings a tear to your eye thinking of all the different things that could happen to poor Aron, but now he lives happily ever after. Thank you for reading and happy blogging or blog reading!


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