GEEK 2012

So I live in the South East of England and there is a game expo called GEEK 2012 coming to Margate. This is the first of what people are hoping many.

I my self am going and I am really excited, I am not going as an official blogger I am going as a bystander, hopefully taking a lot of pictures. I will most probably blog about it after as I will be very excited.


Geek 2012 is a games expo that runs across 5 days (15th Feb till 19th Feb). It is nice and cheap as well at only £12 where more well known expos in America cost much much more.

It (or so I red) looks at games through out the years; past, present and future. Allowing you to play tournaments with your friends and strangers and see how games are made, its even meant to have some workshops to allow you to see how games are made and pick up some tips and techniques. It is held in the Margate Winter Gardens but will also leak of to a couple of other places in Margate, for example a talk is meant to happen with Ian Livingston in the Carlton Cinema.


I know I will be going and I am very excited. Have fun to you in the South East that are going. If not maybe next year.

Have fun and if I don’t post soon I will be sure to after the expo.


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