Men In Black

The Men In Black (MIB) films have always been one of my favorite films.
Well yesterday I was sitting thinking what to blog about when I suddenly remembered the MIB films. So I started to write a simple post explaining how awesome they are and how Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith play Agent K and Agent J brilliantly, then something clicked and made me remember that MIB III is coming out in 2012. I know from when this post is made that the original MIB film is nearly 15 years old and MIB II is nearly 10 years old but what has excited me and made me want to post about MIB is the upcoming film Men In Black III.

I am really excited about MIB III it is going to be amazing just like MIB and MIB II.

The original Men In Black film is about the recruitment of Agent J and retirement of Agent K. But that is not the main plot line of MIB. The main plot line is an alien known as “Bug” is trying to get a universe that is in a little amulet around a cats neck and the agents have to stop the “bug” from getting this amulet and leaving the Earth!

Men In Black II has a nice simple plot line of Agent J (Will Smith) is in trouble so is sent to get Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and restore his memory!

MIB III has the most intriguing plot line were Agent J (Will Smith) some how travels back into time back to MIB’s early years of 1960’s to stop an alien from assassinating Agent K and altering time as we know it.

So I hope you readers have enjoyed my post and have fun watching any films you’re excited for.

Also comment with any films you are looking forward to and/or your all time favorite films!


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