So Christmas has just been, yesterday to be exact. Or since I wrote this post anyway.


I myself had a great Christmas. Got some of the stuff I wanted and something a little extra…a brand new Acer laptop! Which means I am planning on updating my blog more often as it is much faster than my old laptop. This one even has a webcam! In all 17 years of my life I have never used.


My worst present of the year has to be my £15 Topman gift voucher. Its not that I didn’t appreciate it, its just I have never ever been to Topman but I have been told its expensive in there and Topman may only be able to get me like one shirt. I will have a look eventually and spend the voucher but I am not sure when that will happen.


So now that I told you my worst and favorite presents, anyone out there that reads my blog comment at the bottom what your favorite and worst present was from this Christmas. If you don’t have a particular “favorite” and “worst” present from this year put what your “worst” or “favorite” was from any year.


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