Gotham City Imposters! GCI for short

So I managed to get into the Gotham City Imposters beta thanks to the wonderful Eurogamer site.


Now I had high hopes for GCI. But lets just say with my hopes for GCI being big I thought it wouldn’t get that high but it has some how managed to exceed my hopes and be extremely better!

Now when I first heard of it I thought “Oh that sounds fun, could be like DCUO (DC Universe Online)” but its not. Now of course because they are two completely different types of games I am not going to compare them together. If any game I would compare it to COD because of the similarity in online play, but I’m not going to. Instead I will just talk about it by it self.


When I got into the beta of this game I thought I was going to have trouble getting into matches but I didn’t and I also thought it would be simple FPS game-play, running around shooting. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Behind all the shooting and running you need strategy when creating a character you have to think what build you want the character to be; big, little and medium. They all vary for instance the bigger the build the heavier weapons you can carry with less fatigue, but the smaller you are the faster you can run (depending on your weaponry of course).

You also have the chance to customise your character, to a certain extent of course. Ranging from your head-wear to your emblem on your chest.


The graphics are great as well, keeping the nice cartoony feeling to make you feel you don’t have to try your hardest you just got to have fun.

Gangs is a feature within GCI, once you reach level 12 you will get an offer by either the Alley Cats or the Carnies, it doesn’t matter if you play more as Batman or Joker (you don’t get to pick its random) because both gangs will recruit anyone. There is probably a way to get the attention of these gangs but I myself do not know what that is.


Now the most important bit, the weaponry, my favourite weapon has to be the Bear-Stalker, it is the bow and arrow being held by the female Joker imposter (Or Harley Quinn imposter). With the weapons you have your main weapon, your secondary weapon, gadget, and grenade type weapons.

The main and secondary weapons are in a list, separated into different sections of course (sniper, rifle etc).

The gadget list involves items like a cape, spring boots, roller blades, grapple gun, goggles that allow you to see enemies.

And your grenades say it all, these can range from on impact grenades, timed grenades, bear traps etc.


My character type is medium build (good speed, good health, good everything), with the Bear-Stalker as my main weapon, a rifle as my secondary, goggles as my gadget and timed grenade for my grenade. Now the Bear-Stalker is a sniper type weapon I have always liked being a sniper and this just makes me even happier because it is different to any other sniper.


Overall as it is only a beta at the moment I would say 4/5 stars but pretty soon when it comes out I am sure I will give it 5/5


Thank you for reading my post, happy blogging if you like to blog if not, happy reading.

And may I be the first, or the last. To wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





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