Elder Scrolls – Skyrim

Okay I know my past posts have mainly been on games but that is because I hardly do anything else. Well that is a lie I do other stuff as well I mean look at me now, I am blogging! Yay.


Right so I can’t say much about Skyrim as I only played it for about 30 minutes at my brother about a week ago but I thought it was pretty good, the blood graphics could do with a little tweak still to make it a tad bit more realistic.

Rather than that the graphics are really smooth and the fighting is really good with the nice smooth controls and if you like magic it is much easier to do magic now. Being able to use 2 different magic skills at once, or maybe a weapon and magic.


If you like role playing games I do recommend it. I can’t wait to buy it after Christmas or maybe, if I am strapped for cash, borrow it from my brother!


Rather than happy gaming and if I don’t blog before the certain time Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (which ever you prefer) and have a wonderful time!!


       |\ 0 /|
      //+/@\\/+o                Twas the
     /\/o//+/\\\\                Night
    +///\//\o\o+\\o              before
   o/+@/++/\\\@\\/\+           Christmas...
 o/+/\/@//||\/\\o\\\o _       
  /__ /|  ||      /__ /|
 | * | | (__)___ | * | |
 |___|/_   /__ /||___|/
     /_/| | * | |
    |_|/  |___|/

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