Now I got your attention with my oddly named post.

I would like you to know there is a reason behind the post’s name, “Boob!, that reason is within the last couple of months me and my friends have started a strange new trend in school where if someone leaves their computer alone (even for a couple of seconds) another person in that class will then try and “Boob” as many folders and files as possible. This is done using just the word boob you can type it as you like may it be attached to a folder name already for example “Photoboob” or if you just completely wipe the name and call it boob. The best part of the game is waiting for the person to noticed they have been boobed.

Since then I it has moved onto Facebook were you just simply write on somebodies wall as you can see in the above picture a couple of my friends have overrun my Facebook wall with boobs.

I want to see if we can start a trend so for those few people that actually read my post, if you are at school still or you just want a laugh, boob your friends Facebook page and if they don’t like it redirect them to this blog post so all can be explained.

If you do boob someone comment on this post and if you can add pictures in comments add a picture. Good luck thanks for reading and happy boobing!


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