Red Arrows

So who in the UK has heard about the second Red Arrow pilot to die?

It follows after about 3 months after the death of Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging, who tragically died on the 20th August 2011 when he attempted to stop his plane from hitting crowds of people tragically taking his own life to save others R.I.P Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging


Jon Egging


Sean Cunningham is the second Red Arrow pilot to tragically die in the year of 2011. He was killed when his ejector seat set of randomly sending him through his planes canopy and to top it off his parachute did not work. RIP Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham.

Sean Cunningham

I know this post seems pretty sad and I am sorry for that but I felt this is my way to pay tribute to the 2 Flight Lieutenants that lost their lives, at least they was doing what they loved at the time and managed to fulfil there dream of becoming pilots.

RIP Flight Lieutenants Jon Egging and Sean Cunningham. Died doing what they loved.


Red Arrows

The famous Red Arrow Heart.



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