Batman Arkham City

Okay so I am sorry I have not made a post for a long time. I have had nothing to blog about, but recently I got Batman Arkham City: Robin Edition (from my lovely brother)


Now I reckon it is a brilliant game! Amazing. So much better than Arkham Asylum, now I am not bringing down Arkham Asylum it is a great game but it just can’t contend with Arkham City.

Within Arkham City you meet so many of Batmans enemies, for example you meet; the Mad Hatter, Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane, Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, Penguin etc. You also get to play as Catwoman instead of just Batman and if you pre-ordered it in the UK you get to play as Robin, I know it sounds strange supposing the game is called Batman Arkham City. Catwoman has her own storyline, sadly Robin doesn’t but you do meet him whilst playing as Batman and you still get to play as him just not in story mode. Now Arkham City is a pretty long game supposing I am have been playing it for the most of the last couple of days and I have only done 63% of the game.


The gadgets in Arkham City have also changed some are new, others are old for example you will find that you get given a grenade from Mr Freeze that well freezes the opponent, where you still have some trusty old gadgets like the batarang.


The main story of Arkham City is Joker lures Batman into a trap and knocks Batman out, whilst Batman is knocked out he hooks him up to a machine that pumps his poisoned blood into your body, meaning the only way you can save yourself is by finding the cure, but with a twist of you have to find Joker a cure whilst you are at it. It turns out Mr Freeze has the formula for a cure but he needs a special enzyme that can only be found in 1 persons blood stream, Ra’s Al Ghul.  When you finally find and defeat Ra’s Al Ghul and take some of his blood, you give it to Mr Freeze who creates and formula but won’t give you any, so you fight him and have to break into his vault and take the only cure left for the disease. But its not there!


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