I never did get round to watching X-Men and I noticed I got it wrong, it was Xmen first class I was going to be watching not Xmen origins I have already seen that.

Instead I did notice that DareDevil was on the telly the other day so I decided to watch that instead.

DD is about a man named Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) is blinded as a kid after he sees his dad threatening a man so he runs away and makes a forklift truck swerve and make a hole in the side of a toxic waste container, the toxic waste then hits Matt Murdock eyes and blinds him. He works out that even tho he is blinded his other senses have come to near superhuman strength. You find the later on his dad who is a boxer called Jack “The Devil” Murdock (David Keith) is killed by The Kingpins (Michael Clarke Duncan) henchmen so he vows to get revenge which brings us to the ‘birth’ of DareDevil.

DareDevil is obviously blind like Matt Murdock so he trains himself around his disability to be able to sense his environment like a bat does. He uses his sense of sound by banging his weapon on a metal pole or something similar. He also trains himself in all different types of martial arts which allow him to defeat his enemies.


I find that DareDevil was an alright film, it had its moments where it was good and at other times was boring.



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