Completely Different

Okay so this post is just to tell you about my weekend ha ha, so really not my normal post but you know it was your average weekend.

On Saturday I travelled from Dover Priory with my dad to go to Twickenham Stadium to watch the rugby double header. If I am honest it is the first time I really watched rugby but I really enjoyed myself. It was good, the train journey was funny as well because the first train it wasn’t full up but a lot of the seats where taken but when we boarded at London Victoria going to Twickenham it was packed, lets just say I was squished against a door, I felt when they opened I was going to fall out. Then on the way back me and my dad were the only 2 on the carriage.


We watched all of the Irish v Quins match but left half way through the Saracens v The Wasps match as the first half was pretty boring, but apparently the game got better the second half. I am glad I went with him and as he said hopefully we will go again next year! So its a win, win situation, I find a sport I like and I get to go again next year hopefully.

As sad as this next bit is going to sound, today is the first time I have ever been to an airport. I didn’t fly I just went with my dad because his fiancé was flying out to Africa for 2 weeks to help her daughter settle down as she is moving out there to manage an orphanage.

Well I hope you liked my different post. I just felt it was necessary. I don’t know why.

One last quick thing, this is the last official post I have to do for my school work, but I am not going to let that stop me I am going to carry on this blog as I have enjoyed it.


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