Final Destination 5

So yesterday my friend Jaclyn decided she wanted to go to the cinema (well about a week ago actually) and decided to pay for me as well as I didn’t have any money and she didn’t want to go by herself. Her first thought for the film was Final Destination 5 in 3D, to be honest I wasn’t complaining because it was a film I really wanted to see and glad I did!


This film is brilliant and I think it is going to be the final of the Final Destination series which you will notice if you watch the film itself. The concept of the movie is the same as always. Someone has a premonition of a major crisis and saves around 6 people from dying meaning death is not the happiest of people so he is going to kill them off 1 by 1 in the order they were meant to die in the major crisis, not the same way just in the same order.


The film was amazing in 3D it scares the hell out of you thinking you are about to be impaled on these spikes, attacked by a laser and all the other things that happened during the film.


I do not want to blog about it to much so I don’t ruin the film for anyone who hasn’t seen it but all I will say is I feel the only problem about it was it was rushed to much during the deaths. Some of them took a while just to build up the suspense just like the gymnast scene but rather than that little moan it was a brilliant film and I recommend it to people who love gory horror films

Watching the film the picture above is the gymnast scene, it looks scarier than it actually is because the way she fell means her bones have literally came out of her body.

The other good thing about Final Destination 5 is the brilliant twist at the end. But again I do not want to say anything so I don’t ruin the film for anyone who wants to see it.


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