Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes!

One word AMAZING!

Okay so now for the proper post.

Yes I thought it was an amazing film! I would also easily watch it again!


It amazed me from the beginning all the way to the end, even if it did slow down a little bit in the middle.


For all of those that don’t know it is a prequel to Planet Of The Apes which was amazing in its time (1968 then remade in 2001) but now it would probably be funnier than it was intended because you can tell of all the men/women in monkey costumes. Of course with are technology now we no longer need people in monkey costumes we just use CGI.

The story of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is about scientists trying to cure Alzheimer’s disease but experimenting on apes. They think one of the experiments went wrong but it didn’t she was just trying to protect her new baby boy. After Will Rodman (James Franco) finds out the baby ape, Caesar, has adopted the Alzheimer drug from its mother ape meaning he is smarter than your average ape, he keeps him for longer and treats him as a real boy letting him roam the house freely. He sees Charles Rodman (John Lithgow) being shouted at by his neighbour so Caesar escapes the house and brutally attacks the neighbour meaning he has to be put into a primate sanctuary where he can’t harm anyone else. He manages to escape from the monkey sanctuary and steal some of the Alzheimer drug and uses it on the rest of the monkeys at the sanctuary making them smarter.


I wont say any more so I don’t ruin the film for anyone that hasn’t seen it but lets say it is great! Definitely when the monkeys escape just seeing the scaling the bridge climbing from the top, swinging from the bottom and roaming the middle.

I could easily see this film again and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.



One thought on “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes!

  1. I second that one-word pre-review: AMAZING. This was one of the best films I’ve seen this summer — grand and touching and thrilling and… yeah, AMAZING works. Just reading your review was enough to get my adrenaline up all over again!

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