Okay so today I am at my friends brothers birthday, it is better than sitting at home!
Like I said in the Captain America post it was recently my birthday I was going to save some of the money to go see The Smurfs but I have ran out of money =[ I am planning to scrounge money from my parents soon. The only reason I want to see it is because The Smurfs are a childhood program for me with all the originals like Papa Smurf and Smurfette also with a couple I don’t remember like a Scottish Smurf! XD

It will be a bit different because I remember it as an all animated tv show about blue people that are abused by the evil wizard Gargamel but now they are running amok in New York City with real people like Neil Patrick Harris who is staring as the main non-animated character.

I know this post is a bit different to most of my other posts but I felt I should make a new post whilst I had the chance.


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