A bit different…

Okay so I know my usual posts are about games and movies, but I decided to right something a bit different.

So who has been reading the news lately? I know I have!


The Riots in London are terrible, and they are not just in London any more they have spread to places like Bristol. Now what I  find stupid is that this all started because the police shot a guy named Mark Duggan because he had a gun and shot at the armed officers first, so really he made a death wish because they have orders to shot back if he takes a shot.

But of course the riotings have moved on from that to just plain and stupid senselessness. The rioters and looters are forcing people to strip and taking their clothes, and also a group of teens around my age (17 to 20) pretended to help some poor kid who was bleeding really badly, but instead robbed him!  What I want to know is why would people be sick enough to do this?!?


Have they thought of the long term consequences when this is over not just to the UK but to themselves. They will not only force thousands of people out of jobs but they will also never be able to get a job in their lives!


The riots are not going to help are economy, it wasn’t that long ago that we came out of recession, just think what we will be like after the riots!


And to be honest I have heard that the riots may be moving close to me in Ramsgate! I don’t want to have to fear walking up the shops if I need milk or other essentials. Yeah I am not in the friendliest of areas, and if rioting did start most people in my area will probably be out joining in.


Its not like they are achieving anything by rioting and looting. The looters need to think, about the consequences about what they are stealing. It may look nice and be expensive, you may never be able to afford it, but most of the shops will have CCTV or some form of security and I am pretty sure they would have a picture of your face now, meaning that they can track you down and make you pay for the damages you have now created and pay for the items you stole, or even make you give back the items and I am sure if you stole from a business they wouldn’t hire you and would also tell neighbouring businesses about you!


So how about you stupid rioters pack it in before you make it any worse for yourself and the economy! Its not like you are making yourself look good by stealing and breaking things!


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