Captain America

Okay so today my brother took me to the cinema for my birthday, he picked to go see Captain America: The First Avenger. At first I was having doubts about this film but getting to watch it did change my mind about it.

So Captain America is about a guy, Steven Rogers (Chris Evans), who has 1 ambition and that is to join the United States army. But with all his efforts he can’t get in because he has to many problems like asthma. After about 5 failed attempts he is approached by a doctor who promises him a place in the army as long as he goes along with a special operation to enhance his muscles using a serum. During the operation Steven Rogers/Captain America gets himself a nemesis, Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) who later reveals him self to be Red Skull (Red Skull is a famous enemy of Captain America), who has previously gained “superhuman strength” tries to stop Steven Rogers operation. Steven Rogers then dons an outfit similar to the Captain America outfit but doesn’t get to use it in battle but rather to promote the US army.

After hearing his best and only friend in the army, James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes (Sebastian Stan) is reported missing in action does he take matters into his own hands and goes out into the battle field with the help of Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) to save James and the missing soldiers. When Captain America and the missing soldiers finally make it back to camp they are warmly welcomed where Captain America is officially allowed to go into the battle ground where he decides he likes the outift and wants to wear it whenever in battle, this is where the famous round shield comes into action.


The film is like most films, it has its moments, and in Captain America one of the moments it missed out on is when Steven Rogers/Captain America finally gets his shield it plays through him finding out about the different things he can do with the shield within a matter of minutes, the things he can do may be little things like throwing his shield and it comes back but these are moments it should play through longer.


The fight scene towards the end with Red Skull and Captain America is good because it focuses on the action and the destruction of the environment around Captain America and ends with Captain America having to fly a plane and crash it, just before the plane crashes Captain America promises a date with Peggy Carter but doesn’t get to finish what he is saying before he crashes.  He goes into a coma and is then woken up 70 years later in the 21st century, confused about where he is and how he got there, and also sad he missed his date with Peggy Carter.


So overall I would say it is a good film, much better than I thought it was going to be and if you are a fan of Marvel comics or even just action films, you should go out and watch this film!


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