Cloud Computing

Okay so I have been asked by my teacher to officially start off my blog to start it with a little post about Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing advert

Google Chromebook

So I have decided to start by looking at the iCloud and Google Chromebook.

The iCloud’s main purpose is to help the apple customers sync there iPod, iPhone and iPad with their iTunes without the need of any cables. So every time you take an image as long as you have a wifi or 3G connection your apple product will automatically upload it to the iCloud which will then send it to your iTunes. This will work for your music and other items on your apple product and iTunes.

iCloud example

Where the Google Chromebook allows you to do more stuff and it will stop the need for programs like Microsoft Office because it will be based all on the internet. You can use things like Google Documents that will allow you to make word documents, spreadsheets. Basically all the things you can do with Microsoft office but without the need to download anything or store files onto your laptop/desktop because everything will be stored online.

This may seem like it will revolutionise the way we save and manage files but with everything being stored online the risk of hackers will be higher than if you stored things in your cupboard or your own personal laptop/desktop. Also because everything is being stored online businesses will be storing customer information online and other important documents. Yeah some things won’t be so bad. I mean what have you got to hide on your Apple downloads? Nothing rather than a few songs you have got but who would hack into your play list and broadcast it?

Of course these disadvantages will come with some advantages. For example cloud computing will not only be on the Chromebook or be the iCloud so when companies and people start using cloud computing on their everyday laptops/desktops it will free up the internal memory because you wont have the need to download Microsoft office or Adobe Photoshop because you will eventually be able to do it all on the cloud using sites that provide this. There will most probably be a cost for cloud computing depending on things like how much memory you need and your bandwidth.

Overall my view of cloud computing is “why”? It is more prone to hackers so why would you want to run a higher risk of your personal information being hacked. I could understand paying for bandwidth and memory but what about your internet? Who thought about that, I know I have been. It won’t be cheap to run cloud computing so it won’t be cheap for the customer, at least not when it first comes out. I would not want cloud computing for my every day use I would rather stick with the traditional method of buying my products like Adobe.

But just because I may not like it don’t mean other people like big companies won’t like Cloud Computing. It will make it a lot easier for company bosses to access the works information if they are off ill or maybe away on holiday and just wanted to have a check in. Cloud computing would also allow companies to expand there memory without the hassle of dismantling computers to put a bigger hard drive in.


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