Green Lantern 20.06.11

Okay so I am a bit bored so I thought I would write my first real blog post! I have decided as it was only 2 days ago I watched it; my first post could be about the Green Lantern movie.

I myself thought it was a brilliant movie it portrayed the Green Lanterns really well, but of course everyone has their own opinion.

What I especially liked about it was the visual effects in the film they looked really well and of course because it was green and is about 10 times bigger than it should be you could tell some of the items was not real, but it was good enough to make you not pay attention to the CGI and think of it as fake but instead see it as real. I myself did think it was outstanding. Even the make-up on the characters like Abin Sur, played by Temuera Morrison, was very well done so well in fact that you would not of recognized Temuera Morrison as a person.

Over all if I was a professional movie critic I would give it 4/5 stars I would also say it is a good movie to watch I am not a movie citric but like I am not. That doesn’t mean my view don’t count tho, so you should have a look at watching the film next time you want to go the cinema.


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